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Soooo confused about NFCU-please help!

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Soooo confused about NFCU-please help!

So I had my Dad join NFCU. I knew he was in National Guard but no idea he was Corporal in Army (lol I'm impressed), anyway. It says congrats you are approved and says mail the signature certification back. First question the screen went away so fast: What is the correct address to mail the signature to? I pull up the addresses and there are like 15 of them.
2. It says he has been preselected to refinance his auto loan which is currently at about 9% so I fill out the app and it doesn't give me an option to refiance. It only gives me the option to apply for new loan. Do I have to wait until his membership packet comes in mail to do this? So I go through the steps anyway and it says can't approve you at this time, it is under review and then asks about the dealer he wants to purchase from. He already has the car its just a refinance. Is there no option for this online? And if he was preselected why is it now saying under review and the rate may be high as 15.89%.
3. I log out and log back in and it now says he is preselcted for a cashrewards credit card and gives me all these options. Which card is the best to apply for? Also when I log out log back in now the preselect for the auto refinance has disappeared completely. Omg I am so confused
4. Last question I promise: Do I have to wait until he gets his membership packet in mail to apply for membership. It says I am now eligible bc I am his daughter. Or can I apply right now since it says he was already approved

Sorry if too many questions.

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Re: Soooo confused about NFCU-please help!

you should be able to apply now.

Him, he should call tomorrow and cover all 5 of these questions in 1 call and have answers on the 2 loans in and hour or so.


They have great customer service.

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