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Southwest Credit Card App- Advice Needed

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Southwest Credit Card App- Advice Needed

Thinking about applying for the card due to the free companion pass. I noticed they have cards with $69,$99, and $149 AF. Is one card easier/harder to get than the other? Or is it basically all the same with approval criteria, just pick the card that makes the most sense. Would appreciate any and all advice/input! Thanks.
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Re: Southwest Credit Card App- Advice Needed

They amount of AF attached the card has no bearing on if you are more likely to be approved.
It's all to do with the perks that come with each card.
Pick the one you think works best for you and apply for it.

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Re: Southwest Credit Card App- Advice Needed

I currently hold the plus and priemer card to get the CP from last year and this year due to the SUB involved.  TBH, i recommend going straight to the priority card, it has a higher annual fee, however you are able to recoup it if you fly SW enough due to the travel credit and the bonus 7500 annivarsary points.  In the end, the effective AF of the priority card is the same as the plus card with more benefits.  


all three come with the 2000 CL needed for visa platinum and 5000 for VS, no difference in language there. 

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Re: Southwest Credit Card App- Advice Needed

Great feedback, I appreciate it!

Will go for top tier for reasons you mentioned. Pay “more” but net is probably less than the cheapest AF option with all the benefits. What’s nice is SW can transfer points to other accounts for a fee. Get more cheap or free flights.
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Re: Southwest Credit Card App- Advice Needed

Hi OP,

If you frequently use SW for your flying needs, then the Priority card would make the most sense since the $75 travel credit offsets the AF by half. 

You will have to act soon to fully utilize the companion pass this year though.


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