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Southwest Visa - Chase

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Southwest Visa - Chase

Just curious what peopel's thoughts are regarding this card. I fly about 10-15 times a year and prefer to fly Southwest, so considered adding this card to my list. I do currently have a chase freedom ($15k line), in addition to an Amex Blue ($18k limit), and alliant visa ($15k limit). FICOs in the mid 740s currently.


Anyone have the card and like/dislike it?

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Re: Southwest Visa - Chase

I personally love this card and it's my go-to card. If you tend to fly Southwest, you can rack up rapid rewards points very quickly seeing as you get 2x points on Southwest flights, related hotels and car rental services. Another thing I really like about this card is rapid rewards will send you emails all the time for opportunities to get free points. With all of that, you tend to accumulate points very fast! Not to mention the signup bonus is 25-50k points depending on if you go with the preferred card or not. Rapid rewards customer service is very polite as well. I've had nothing but good experiences with this card. I do have a freedom as well.

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