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Speedway Credit Card / or Store Card

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Speedway Credit Card / or Store Card

Hello all


Just wondering if anyone has had any experience with a credit card or even the store only card with Speedway?  I would be interested in this one but would like to get opinions on whether anyone would possibly know how hard the cards may be to get - such as BK friendly, scores etc.....I have contacted them trying to find out whether it is one application like with Walmart and they just try to see which (if either) of the two one would qualify for.  I purchase most of my gas from Speedway due to convenience in my area and use the rewards - Applebee's - $50.00 gift cards are nice just by buying something that I use every day - if you use their cards to purchase with you often times receive more points, thus obtaining the gift cards thru rewards even quicker



Thanks for your time......



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Re: Speedway Credit Card / or Store Card

Don't have the card, from the website, at least the top teir card is by Chase, Can't find any details on there non MC card. Of course if you have the credit there are better cards to get, 2 or more percent gas cards are getting quite common so I may just wait for one of those. 




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Re: Speedway Credit Card / or Store Card

I don't know if Marathon (who owns Speedway) kept the store card or sold it to WFNB, like they did the Marathon (and the Marathon Visa, formerly Chase).. 


I do know that a little known feature of the Menard's Big Card  (by Capital One, formerly HSBC) is that it is valid at Speedway, Holiday, and Quik Trip, with a 1% annual rebate on gas (by Menards Gift Certificate). Also, you get a certificate for a birthday gift at Menards....


You can still get Speedy Rewards. I would often buy the prepaid cards with the Menards Card, depending on  what the Speedy Reward bonus was.

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