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Spree results

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Re: Spree results

Crapital One EO usually will just xfer you to a reg CSR if you cold call that number.
Happened to me three times because I refused to email.
Then once I emailed, I got a cli to $5k.
So the email
is the best/only route. Once you've contacted them, however, they don't mind if you call back.
And CONGRATS on the new home and plastic!
BCE and CSP are unbeatable and definitely two MUST have every day cards!
And people will comment on CSP!
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Re: Spree results

NewtoCredit80 wrote:
You need to contact CapOne executive office to get cli and annual fee waivers. Just search for the CEO email address. Most members including me had very good results with CapOne EO. Also you might want to try the new cli feature with CapOne online account. There is a post regarding how many members have reported successful cli.

I actually went through the EO several months back to get my only CLIs on those cards, and while they did raise them, it wasn't enough for my liking especially in light of the much better cards I have now. They also said they couldn't waive the AF, but gave me a credit for them for this year. 


I guess I'm just not sure that I care enough about them now to bother keeping them. I'll probably ask for a PC to Quicksilver and if they refuse, they'll just have to go.

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Re: Spree results

Creditaddict wrote:

call backdoor on upromise and see what's up with that. they can recon limit instantly through that number.

capital one 800-955-1455 - call them and ask for a cli on all your accounts and upgrade to quicksilver and if you have any af for them to be waived... don't be afraid to ask for $5-7k+... they will counter.

I'll call them today and see what they can do. $350 just seems odd, even for an instant approval number.

FICO as of Feb 2017:
EQ 712 | 728 TU | 713 EX
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