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Spring Cleaning & Peeking out of the Garden

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Spring Cleaning & Peeking out of the Garden

I finally closed Paypal Extra Master Card ($10,000). Had it for 4 years, my 3rd card as well as my highest limit for a little while. Good ridden. Also gone are VS Angel Rewards ($5,850) and Barclays Rewards ($8,200). No longer have any use for all of those.


Citi Pristige ($10,500) is on the chopping block, probably will close before AF hit in May.


Applied for Chase CSR on branch, denied for 5/24. I expected just as much, for 1 HP for a chance of getting 50,000 extra UR points is well worth it. I'll try again later when I am under 5/24.


SP for CLI with Citi DC, got $1,500 ($5,800 CL now), plunged for the HP as well. Asked for $20,000, will see tomorrow.

HP for CLI with Chase Amazon, thought I might as well get something from them since I seem to be in good grace with them (pre-approved for everything that I don't have). Got $4,500 ($6,5000 CL now). Also asked them to mail me the shiny new metal card.

Accepted the promotional offer Amex BCE to BCP ($150 after $1,000 spent).


After everything said and done, I'll have 8 cards (after Pristige is axed), averaging $10,000+.


Not to bad for spring cleaning/seeding. Back to the garden I am Smiley Very Happy


Edit: Citi gave me another $7,500 to make a $13,300 CL. Well, I'll sure take that Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Spring Cleaning & Peeking out of the Garden

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