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Stage/Bealls; JCPenney????


Stage/Bealls; JCPenney????

Does anyone know what CR these companies pull when you app?  What scores do they generally require?  I have a 612 with EQ as of 10/27 (have had some more payments hit since then, not sure if anything has changed though).  Scores with TU and EX are in the 500's.  There are some things on there I'm disputing.  I was interested in getting one of these cards.  I may just keep waiting until I know my scores are higher.  I don't need another inquiry...but I was just curious. 

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Re: Stage/Bealls; JCPenney????

bealls pulls experian because my husband applied and i applied for jc penney and they pull transunion but if you have a good score with equifaxs best buy mastercard pulls equifaxs
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