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State Farm and US Bancorp

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State Farm and US Bancorp

I posted this in the Auto section also but wanted to post here to see if I could get some more replies.  Thanks!


Are either of these BK friendly? I have a chapter 7 from 5 years ago, nothing negative since.  I did the prequalify with US Bank, they said denied due to BK but they said to chat with my local branch and they may be able to help me with a work around. Not sure what that would entail??


I'm waiting to hear back on State Farm tomorrow, just wondering if anyone knew?  The auto I'm looking at I will have about 20% equity in it to start with. I don't really need a new car but it is a good deal and a sweet car! Pontiac G8.



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Re: State Farm and US Bancorp

U.S. Bancorp offers U.S. Bank Alternative Lending, for those with bankruptcies in the past. It's not the easiest to qualify, for, however, and your local branch would be the best to speak to. The rates are usually higher, and the amounts are usually a bit more restrictive.


In branch would be a new application. It would use the same hard pull as the pre-qual you did.

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