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Status questions during application?

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Status questions during application?

When a CC company asks for thing like household status (i.e. rent vs. own) and things like self-employed vs. company employed and the like, what sort of impact do those have on their decision. I am full-time but I also own my own business where I make just about as much as I do at my full-time job. If I devoted more time to my biz I would probably do more. I also rent though as I usually need more flexibility to move but I also don't have a mortgage to default on. HAHA So am I over analyzing these things?
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Re: Status questions during application?

My suggestion, when you apply for the card put your business name as your employer and do not state you are self employed. I own my business, I incorporated it and I put it as my employer. As long as you pay your bills on time they dont care how you earn.
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