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Store Cards Or Credit Cards?

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Re: Store Cards Or Credit Cards?

declined for the store card too!!!


in so many words she said it was those 2 baddies from 2003.

one is cap. 1 & the other is citi (midland now has it)

i am really bummed about this.


how do i make it so those 2 baddies do not look so bad to creditors?

do i pay them?

do i settle with them? (midland sends me a settlement letter about every other month...cap 1 i have not heard from in years so i don't know where to start with them)

is it all a matter of having it show that these accounts have 0 balance on my reports?

if i pay/settle with them...will that restart the 7 years?


suggestions please...this is drivng me crazy!

really messed up my wednesday!

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