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Store Cards and util

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Store Cards and util

Are store cards (without the Visa or MC logo) weighed the same as regular CCs when calculating util?  I'm assumig they are but just wanted to be clear!

Chase Freedom: $1500, Citi Diamond Preferred: $3000, Barclays: $3900, Chase Disney Visa: $1500, Chase Southwest Signature: $5000, Citi TY Preferred: $3000, Cap One Platinum: $1750, Cap One Platinum Rewards: $2500, Orchard Bank: $900, Kay Store Card: $6600, PayPal $2200
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Re: Store Cards and util


Cards: CSP 6k, Chase Freedom 6k, BCP 7.5k, Sallie Mae 8.9k, Discover 5k, BOFA Better Rewards 3.8k
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