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Store Cards

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Re: Store Cards

@Remedios wrote:

Brian, you don't need to justify your choices of cards. If you're getting value out of it and use it frequently,  that's all that matters. 




I guess it was time for our monthly * Store cards are evil and issued by The Satan's Bank*


Up next:

* Why do you have so many cards*

*Why do you need high limits* 

*CapOne is bad*. 

*My Rewards System is perfect, yours is NOT*



I wasn't trying to justify it, I'm actually probably gonna close it. Just don't use it enough. Was just throwing it out there because everybody says to ignore store cards. You can get value from them. Also, you can basically knock 3 off that list in the last couple of weeks. Just waiting on a high limits thread.

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Re: Store Cards

Bought an Galaxy S8 for DW for over $150 less than from out wireless provider and 30 bucks for being a prime member at Amazon. Not paying a lease for me was priceless.
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