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Strange Letter from Amex, should I be concerned?

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Re: Strange Letter from Amex, should I be concerned?

@Archange1 wrote:

If you didn't follow the correct rules of requesting, that may have influenced the decision. 

First 60 days of opening the card. If you apply before and get denied, you have to wait 90days. You can recon this by calling and still receive it on your first 60 days. The max amount is 3x you current amount. In another 180 days you can request again. If you request early, your time will still be at the end of 180 days, however, if you are denied at 180 days, you have to wait 90 days to reapply for a CLI. 

This is what I know from reading and testing so far. It is accurate, but could be a little sketchy in some areas. Easiest I can explain. 

GL. I receive CLI with scores of 643. Smiley Happy

Wow! CLI for how much? CLI at 643.. Weird as my EX score is 651 according to Amex and the letter states my score was too low and denied for the CLI.

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