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Strategy Moving Forward

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Strategy Moving Forward

Hi everyone!


I'm generally new to credit cards as my oldest revolving credit card is 1 year, 7 months old. I'm trying to decide what I should do going forward. So just a few data points: My overall utilization is 8%, and highest single utilization is 19% on my DISCO (floating a promotional balance that will be paid off by the end of Oct). My newest accounts are my PLOC and DISCO opened in May 2018 and AMEX in April, and I have 7-8 inquiries on each bureau. Income is 35k but expecting to double by the beginning of the year.


I'm starting to travel a little more often now, and initially my plan was to garden until May 2019 which is when I would be 4/24 (side note: does anyone know if LOC counts towards 5/24) to get one of the Chase Sapphire cards. Now, I've been thinking with the holidays coming up and the spending that comes with it, I'm debating if I should take advantage of a sign up bonus now. Since I'm already with AMEX, it could be easier to get into the MR rewards? Or the UBER card that has a sign up offer? Do you suggest staying in the garden for Chase or apping for a new card soon for holiday spend? I have several preapprovals with AMEX and the Citi DC. 

| AMEX BCE - $2K | Regions VISA - $5K | Capital One QuickSilver - $1.5K | VC Store Card - $4.5K | Discover It - $8.5K | Regions PLOC - $3K |
Gardening for first travel card.
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