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Stuck in a dilemma

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Re: Stuck in a dilemma

thrasher865 wrote:

A "pushed" payment almost certainly wouldn't post in 2 days.


Anywho, why are you "playing the util game?" may I ask?  Are you apping for something this month?  If not, who cares and why worry about your month to month util so much?  Are you in fear of AA from other CCs?

Ya know, I think Amex might be all over the map on this issue, because I've read experiences that have been markedly different from mine, but when I push a payment through my bank's billpay, it posts the exact same day.


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Re: Stuck in a dilemma

It may depend on if AMEX is on the pre set up list of billpay payees for the bank, or something similar.  Although, AMEX was on the list of payees for my bank.


Ordinarily, if you use billpay, they actually print and mail a check to the payee.  So in that case it would never post more than 2-3 days off.  If AMEX and the bank have a proper setup and the bank has the ability to draft the funds straight out and into the AMEX account, then it may be same day.


It has been about 2 years since I pushed a payment through AMEX's system, though, so I speak on outdated experiences, lol.


But even when I setup a payment through a CCC's online payment system, it never posts same day.  Sometimes its the next day, sometimes its 2 days later.  So if you have the ability to push payments through and have them post the same day, you're a luckier person than me Smiley Sad

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Re: Stuck in a dilemma

joestay wrote:

I'm looking for a house this year so I am trying to make sure my score are up.  I needed a new card so that I can buy a plane ticket and having a $750 credit limit will limit me from buying the ticket i want.

Your FICO score is dynamic and will be different later in the year.  No one will care what your score was this month, it's only important when they pull your score once you apply for your loan.  You are overworking this, imo.

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