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Student CC's

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Student CC's

My son just started college, and low an behold, the first student CC app arrived.  Not anything I would ever let him send back.  He works PT at UPS, and has for just under 6 months, and will continue to do so throughout school. I added him as an AU on my Amex BCP in 4/12, but I would like to help him start building his own credit. 


What are the current Student CC's out there?


I know Discover has a More version, but I am sure there is a V/MC from somewhere with no AF and reasonable APR.  I figured the best place to find out would be here.


What do you recommend?  

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Re: Student CC's

The top 2 student credit cards are definitely the Citi Forward Student and Discover More Student. citi also has their divident student card.  


My wells fargo student card isn't terrible, no AF, 1% cash back on everything, my APR after the into period will be ~17%, and when I applied they didn't even ask me what my income was (although it says on the website if you make more than $12,000 a year, you can app for their regular non-student card). Edit: Just checked the site again it now says "This card also offers 3% cash back on gas, grocery and drugstore net credit card purchases (purchases minus returns/credits)1 for 6 months and 1% cash back on all other net purchases."


the BoA student card is also supposed to be pretty good, I got denied though. 


Chase has no student cards, although both of my sisters (also college students) got the chase amazon visa with no credit history. The capital one journey card has no AF, usually low limits (500-750) but earns rewards (I think 1% on everything). I managed to get the platinum through a mail offer with no credit history, and then they PCd me almost immediately, so if he gets one of those no AF invitations it is definitely something to consider. 


Also, if he is recieving any financial aid in the form of scholarships and grants (any money that doesn't have to be paid back) he can technically write that into his "Other Income" and if they ask for verification he can use a 1098-T he recieves from his school. Just can't write in any student loans as income. 


Good luck Smiley Very Happy



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Re: Student CC's

The citi Forward for students is a pretty good one, also Amex Zync is great to start and might want to try a no fee secured card through a credit union.
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Re: Student CC's

I'm also a student. These are the best available cards for students from prime banks that i've found:


Citi Forward for Students
    -5% back on restaraunts abd bookstores (including

    -Hard to be approved for without credit

Discover Student More
    -5% back on rotating categories

    -Somewhat easy approval if you have source of income

Wells Fargo College Cashback
    -1% cash back on all purchases. Must redeem in $25 increments'

    -Easy approval if you bank with WF and have some source of income

Bank of America Cash Rewards for Students
    -1% cash back on purchases, 2% on groceries and 3% on gas

    -Not sure about the approval standards for this


I would go for the Discover More and Wells Fargo. Maybe even try for BOA and Citi Forward. Then after a year or so, go for an AMEX and then continue from there. Note that he will probably have to send in documentation to verify he's a studet before he's approved for some of the cards.

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Discover More - $2.5k
Wells Fargo Cash Back - $1.9k
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Re: Student CC's

the citi forward student card seems really good to have because all of the rewards on entertainment

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Re: Student CC's

I'm currently a college student (turning 20 in oct). At 18 I started off with a wells fargo student credit card (800 cl) since i had a checking account with them . A year and a half later i got a cli on the wells to 1300 and I was just approved for the following cards:


Amex BCE : 2000 cl      (EQ: 740)

Chase Freedom : 2200 cl  

Discover More : 1000 cl   


I think any cc would be fine, i would personally go for the Citi Foward Student as it might be useful to him later on in life for dining out and such (not sure about approval odds). If that doesn't work out then the Discover More Student is great as well.




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Re: Student CC's

Also definitely have him apply for the citi/discover first, since they'll most likely be more sensitive to inquiries, then if no luck with that try wells or cap1. Wells fargo will approve almost anyone for their student card if they have a bank account with them. I opened my bank account with $100 min deposit and immediately was pre-approved for the student card online and the banker at the branch who was helping me put it all though for me. 

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