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Sucking me back in: BofA and WAMU/Chase

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Re: Sucking me back in: BofA and WAMU/Chase

Yes, I hear ya.  I do too.  It's like you pay it off and now you want a new shinny car again, so hense the car loans over and over again.  Those are like revolving loans to me!  I get bored w/cars and can not count on Two hands how many car loans I've had!  How stupid can ya be!!  Once this one is paid off this month, it is a keeper.  I decided two years ago to rent cars for vaca and fly, so my miles are low and my car seriously looks brand new, even tho it's a 2004.   
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Re: Sucking me back in: BofA and WAMU/Chase

I have a 2002 Town Car that looks and runs like new. I bought it for about 60% of the then book value two years ago and financed a part of that. The loan has two years left and the payment is $188/mo. Taking the note was a strategic move and it has paid off in spades. Going to be a while before this wears out. I don't know what the next move will be. Probably another drop dead deal on a cream puff Town Car.
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