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Surprised at Chase CLI - 2k !

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Surprised at Chase CLI - 2k !

I was shocked when I found out that Chase has bumped my CL by 2k.

Apparently, it was done when the statement was cut last month but I was too lazy to even login online and find out.

 Its an Original Chase Freedom visa card and I have had this for abt an year now(Started with Platinum and PC'd to Freedom).Last month it turned one.

I called them to confirm and the CSR told me since becuase of the "good usage" of the card, they have auto CLI me.I kept the card for one year at 1% util and this was the only card that reported balance.


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Re: Surprised at Chase CLI - 2k !

congrats on the nice CLI, a hard free increase! sweeter still if it comes from chase who likes to pull for customer initiated increases.
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Re: Surprised at Chase CLI - 2k !



Just out of sheer curiosity, since good usage is listed as a contributing factor to the auto CLI from Chase that so few get, how often do you use your card? 

Here we go again...
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Re: Surprised at Chase CLI - 2k !

Its the only card that I use for all my expenses.Before the statement drops, I use to pay and let it report just 0.5 to 1% of the CL since I didn't want to take a risk of all my card reporting zero balance.



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