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Synchrony 2% MasterCard Beware!!!

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Re: Synchrony 2% MasterCard Beware!!!

@FireMedic1 wrote:

@AnonymousIt comes down to read the fine print on cards before applying. I got the BB&T card for 3% gas and in gas store purchases which I use a lot. There are some cards that are at the pump only cards but are still gas cards per say. I ignored them. I read the terms beforehand with BB&T. Congrats on your approval either way. Happy Holidays!

Read the fine print is great, so is helping others become aware of it.  

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Re: Synchrony 2% MasterCard Beware!!!

@M_Smart007 wrote:

@Anonymous wrote:
Wow!!! This card is not even supported for Apple pay. This is completely unacceptable!!! I can’t believe it, that Synchrony Bank is so stone age

Is'nt that what Apple card is for?Smiley Very Happy

If Apple Pay were only intended for Apple card Apple Pay wouldn't have existed for so long. 

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Re: Synchrony 2% MasterCard Beware!!!

@MacCreed wrote:

@longtimelurker wrote:

@Anonymous wrote:
Why should we just survive??? Less and less people using computers now days. The point is that Synchrony Bank is way behind on technology and trends. They have to step up, but we need to let them know that it must be done. Make a call

Sync is a grown up business, and I expect that they have done their research and feel that developing an app, for now, isn't going to give enough ROI.   And maybe if enough people cancel because of a lack of an app, AND these are the profitable people cancelling, things might change, but otherwise.....   


As I said earlier, I feel the FTF is a much greater evil that would prevent me getting that card (over the Paypal) but that's because I use stuff abroad and hardly use apps.   Similarly I value the no min redemption over say the DC $25 min, and the lack of alerts doesn't outweigh that, for me.   Your priorities are different, but I would with equal validity (i.e. practically none) say that a zero FTF is a must for the 21st century.

Yes, for you, but your preference is no more or less valid than OP's or mine.  



Um yes, that's the whole point of the last paragraph.  The subtext is that it's best to avoid absolutes like  "a must" or "unacceptable" as if everyone has the same priorities and will agree.  "Missing a feature that *I* consider essential" is fine, and the solution for that is close/don't apply, not expect everyone to call a CSR.

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Re: Synchrony 2% MasterCard Beware!!!

While a variety of great points have already been discussed/debated, and at the risk of the topic going further in circles, it appears this thread has run its course and is now locked to new messages.  At the end of the day, we all realize that not every product/FI (regardless of features, channel/platform, etc.) will be suitable for every individual.

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