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Synchrony Accounts Restricted

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Re: Synchrony blue envelope.

@Bufftahmkench wrote:

2)they said in given case that they notice my income is not as high, they would figure out if the accounts can remain open with certain restrictions and or limitations.



Does any of this make sense?

 I'd rather have on my report "Closed at Customer Request" instead of "Closed by Creditor" (however the wording)  This just seems too stressful.  Who'd wanna be under their thumb?


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Re: Synchrony blue envelope.

Sounds like Synchrony to me. I personally won't do business with them and the story follows.  At one time I ran into some credit issues but at no time ever ran into issues with Syncrhony directly. So in response to the other credit issues like late payments Syncrhony ended up closing out my Sears CC, Amazon CC further hurting my credit. Years later I decided to give them a shot and open a Paypal Mastercard now at the time I could not get Paypal for the life of me to add my checking account so I did a phone in payment turns out I entered a digit wrong (Fidelity has insane long checking account numbers) payment was missed not even 30 days so I turned around paid the balance in full a few weeks later still under 30 days. Synchrony went and closed that account out and then lately went closed my Paypal Buyer Credit account out. Fine with me though I have 3 Chase accounts, AMEX, Capital One, Comenity Bank etc.. ok rant done lol.

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