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Synchrony CLI Frequency

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Synchrony CLI Frequency



How often can you call for CLI with Synchrony cards? I just got an increase on the two cards I have with them.  When I asked for 6K on the Amazon store card they counter offered with 4K and are going to send me a reason why they coudln't go that high. Waited 30 minutes and then called for PPE Mastercard and asked for the same 6K and I got it.


I feel that I might have left some open CLI on the table. How soon do you think I could call again? A few months? Few Weeks? Next day? lol 



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Re: Synchrony CLI Frequency

If it's a Synchrony account that does SPs then you can try as soon as you want to. I've done back to back requests before and gotten another CLI. But as always, YMMV.
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