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Synchrony PayPal CLD

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Re: Synchrony PayPal CLD

Sync is still CLDing. My wife's JC Penney card was just reduced from 10k to $500. Not too surprising since she only uses that card once or twice a year and generally for less than $150. Her FICOs are in the 840s so it certainly wasn't score related, probably just use related.

Scores: March 21 FICO 8: EX 810, TU 808, EQ 813
AoOA: closed: 36 years, open: 25 years; AAoA: 11.8 years
Amex Gold, Amex Green, Amex Blue, Amex ED, Amex Delta Gold, Amex Hilton Surpass, BoA Platinum Plus, Chase Freedom Unlimited, Chase Amazon, Chase CSP, Chase United Explorer, Citi AA Plat, Sync Lowes, Sync JC Penney - total CL 145k
Loans: Chase car loan (35k/6yrs 0.9%)
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