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TD Ameritrade CC low CL and/or "back door" # ?'s


TD Ameritrade CC low CL and/or "back door" # ?'s

Anyone have any luck getting their starting CL bumped up? They started me w $1500 and the CSR can only tell me he'll forward to underwriting. 

Please advise. Thanks


PS. I had a 740 Experian and 13% utilization at time of pull. 


BK13 DC 12/15. 740 scores/18 inqs (about)
VentureOne 28K. Marvel MC 25K. PFCU: Promise 19K; PLOC 10K; Rewards 5K.
NFCU: Plat 15K; Flagship 15K; CLOC 10K
Barclays Aviator 12K; Jet Blue $500 (for the miles).
BOA 8K. Discover 10K/5K. 5/3 10K. PPC 7K
PPMC 10K. TD Ameritrade $1500
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