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TU is officially a joke!

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TU is officially a joke!

Okay so for months I have been observing the way my credit report looks like as I have USAA and pull my reports often. I noticed that TU is really a joke when it comes to updates as delays are really just very long in comparison to other CRAs.


Experian is the fastest. It seems like it's electronic. As my statement closes on a credit card, the balance reports within 24 hours. They are really fast.


Equifax is next. Sometime it seems like its electronic and sometimes like balance is fedexed to them. usually they update it within 48 hours or a day or two behind Experian.


TransUnion is a joke. It seems that its not electronic at all. It's almost like someone sends it via USPS or horse carriage. It takes anywhere from 5-7 days for them to update same information after statement cuts. What gives?? In this date and age it should not take that long. Always was okay with it, but now it just ticks me off that they either don't care about the process or use some old system.


Just venting..paid off all my credit cards except for one uner 9% and seen a nice Jump in Experian FAKO and also Equifax FICO from this website, but now I'm waiting for TU to update so I can buy TU FICO. Arghhh

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Re: TU is officially a joke!

I agree with your observations. It takes at least 5 days for my balances to update on TU. Painful!

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Re: TU is officially a joke!

As long as TU keeps bouncing between my debt being $12k or $30k !!!

My TU also not to show almost any of my negative stuff, some of whihc is actually the correct reporting but non the less I have fought all I can with the others for now so!!

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Re: TU is officially a joke!

All my eagle eye watching of my reports has shown me the following:


Experian- almost immediately after statement closes

Equifax - 3rd day after

Transunion - 5th day after


I dont have a problem with Transunion, it's a great test of patience.

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Re: TU is officially a joke!

for me it's usually experian- a day later, equifax a day after experian, transunion 4-8 days after experian depending on the issuer.


TU has been painfully slow updating BOA for me lately. When i had my CLI last month, it took about 9 days for it to show. Of course the hard pull is there same day though Smiley Frustrated

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Re: TU is officially a joke!

I would be happy with the service Tu provide you guys.. It takes 2 weeks for my info to update.

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Re: TU is officially a joke!

CruzImperial wrote:

I would be happy with the service Tu provide you guys.. It takes 2 weeks for my info to update.

It takes 1 to 2 weeks for TU to update for me lately, they are up and down.


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