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Talked with Cap One about Credit Steps...

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Re: Talked with Cap One about Credit Steps...

At my 4th statement my limit went from $300 to $800 with hitting the CLI request online. At credit steps I went from $800 to $1300. 


This was the same on two cards (Platinum and Platinum is now a QS) and both had originally said it would be $500 after 6 months.

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Re: Talked with Cap One about Credit Steps...

What they tell you is the minimum they will raise you after credit steps.  Mine went from $500-$1500 after 3rd statement-$2000 after credit steps.  They only told me a $250 increase with credit steps.

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NFCU SSL $88/1005
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Re: Talked with Cap One about Credit Steps...

I got my QS1 credit steps in Sept 2015 for $500. I never could get a CLI but it went to $750 after 5th or 6th statement. Then I consistently charged it up and made large payments. In November 2016 the limit auto increased to $3,750! I also just PC'd it to the regular QS with no AF. So, treat it right & it will grow.
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Re: Talked with Cap One about Credit Steps...

I just called Capital One regarding credit steps was told I couldn't join. I also asked if they graduate the secure card and was told nope. Was offered to app for another card. I told the CSR I thought you couldn't do another app for 6 months. She said I could if i wanted to. I think ill just get rid of the card since it only has a $200 limit and will never grow. Maybe in Dec ill app for the QS.
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Re: Talked with Cap One about Credit Steps...

Thank you all so much!!  I love myFico and have recommended it to several people. You all are the best!!

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