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Target Card FYI

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Target Card FYI

For anyone with the regular old Target card I'd thought I'd share the info I just received from a CSR.  I haven't used my card in about 7 months (been stuck at a $200 limit since 2009).  I got a coupon for a "buy one bag of Tostitos Chips Get a Bag Free" from Target, thought I'd use it to give my card some action.  lol  Decided to call to make sure my account was still open so I didn't risk the chance of being declined at the register with two bags of chips.  THE CSR said they do not close the regular store cards due to inactivity, only the Visa Target cards.  Ok that's good.  Looks like I'm going to buy a bag of Tostitos, get 5% off, and get a free bag to boot.  Haha. 


Also, asked if they were still not gicing out CLI's.  "Accounts are periodically reviewed and if you qualify you will see a message when you log into your account online.  We do not do manual CLI's".  Same story for the last year and half. 

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Re: Target Card FYI

"thought I'd use it to give my card some action.  lol "


I bet your card was never so excited as the day it was used to buy a bag of Tostitos with one given free.  Smiley Wink


My favorite Target story involves using the $500 credit limit up to the last dollar to buy an electric mixer.  My old one finally broke in the middle of baking something; I went out in search of a replacement.  I only wanted the cheap kind, not the fancy one sold at Walmart for more money than I wanted to spend (useless accessories were added on to jack up the price.)  I stopped by Target with about 5 minutes left until closing time, found an electrix mixer for about $8 (I seriously thought it would be at least $10 at WM, so I was shocked to see Target's house brand for such a bargain price) and the card got me 5% off, with the total coming to about $1 shy of the credit limit of the card.


I then went home, waited for my statement ($499 due out of a $500 credit limit) and paid it and closed it.  I was just tired of Target never raising the limit and wanted to move on from them and their 23% interest rate.


It's fine for charging and paying but it was just time for us to part ways.  It was great to do so with such a bargain and within $1 of my limit.  LOL

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