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Target and TD Bank...


Re: Target and TD Bank...

Hi I love this forum I have been lurking for a while now . I also got a letter in the mail with a $200 increase from

300 to 500 . Not a huge CLI but an unexpected one. I have had the account since Nov 2012 , hopefully this is a

sign of more to come.

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Re: Target and TD Bank...

CS800 wrote:

I got my target card over 1 year ago and it was an initial CL of $300, I used it lightly and in January got a CLI to $900. I don't think that they give high CL's.


I have heard of $5000 but it was on their VISA version. Others can chime in.


As to their logic for CLI? No one knows. I called before with no success.


I think the Taget card should be bought by GE, then we could expect some 4 figures CL's

Hmmm I am suprised to read these posts...I guess I nderstand because I haven't had an increase on my card in about a year, but when i first received it, it grew like a wild fire...I was originally approved for $1200 and it was increased by $100 every other month for the first year, but once the limit hit $2000 it hasn't moved since then...its been over a year, but I do still feel like this is a good card.....especially at Christmas time!!

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Re: Target and TD Bank...

This is repsonse whcih I got when i requested for CLI Smiley Sad


Thanks for asking about your limit! We understand your request for a credit limit increase.

Unfortunately, we're not reviewing any Target REDcard® accounts for credit limit increases at this time. 

If your account qualifies for a higher credit limit in the future, you will see changes on your monthly statement and online in Manage My REDcard. 

You're a valued guest, and we want to be sure you maximize your savings using your REDcard. Here are some different options:

- Pay as you go: Use your REDcard and take advantage of the 5% savings and other benefits. Then visit the Guest Services Desk to make a payment that day. Your credit will be available on your next trip.
- Pay two ways: If your Target REDcard account doesn't have enough available for a larger purchase, you can use two payment types. Charge a portion to your REDcard and get the 5% savings, then use another form of payment for the remaining amount. Click 'REDcard Benefits Program Rules' above for details.

We hope to see you shopping at Target® soon and saving 5% with your REDcard®. Click REDcard Benefits Program Rules above for more details. 

It's great hearing from you!

Target Card Services, servicer to TD Bank USA, N.A.

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Re: Target and TD Bank...

I applied for that card  on 5-25. They just sent me a denial letter saying to many inquiries. Yeah and? While they were denying me that card with a 593 score, I was getting approved left and right for almost every GE card I could possibly find (I now have 8 GE card, WALMART being one of them). So  they can shove their 200 starting limit up their badonka donk. Walmart has my business and If what people are reporting about them being stingy to increase a CL, than I have a better shot increasing my starting limit of 500 with Walmart. Hoping I build up to the Discover card.

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Re: Target and TD Bank...

I have had no complaints with my Target card. They increased it all the way to $7500 without me ever asking for it. I only use the card $300 a month so I don't know why they increased it so much.
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Re: Target and TD Bank...

I honestly think that, with most cards, they just like when you use it often, and pay it often, so you're not as big a risk to them. Granted, it's a HUGE YMMV situation, but a lot of the stories seem to have common threads (re: auto CLIs). 

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Re: Target and TD Bank...

@Gatorguy $7,500CL wow! Thats the highest Ive seen so far in Target CC holders.

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Re: Target and TD Bank...

@goosedonk LMAO yes they can shove their 200 starting limit up their badonka donk.Smiley LOL

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Re: Target and TD Bank...

$200 when opened in spring 2008, $200 today.  wth Target...

About $215,000 total credit among 11 cards
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Re: Target and TD Bank...

Ouch!^^ Now thats not fair. Is that your oldest tradeline? If not I would close it.

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