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Target card CLI

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Target card CLI

Hi all!!

Looking for advice on getting my target card increased. I know there’s no requesting so curious if there’s any usage ways to get a trigger for increase? Anyone have their target card increased? How long did it take? How long have you had the card! Any advice greatly appreciated. Thank you all!!

Received target credit $300 ( so offensive) July 2018. Do not carry more than 10% on card monthly.
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Re: Target card CLI

I do not have this card, but I do know that I've seen people getting increases on these forums. I would do a search under Credit Approvals of "Target CLI" and read through those to look at some of the data points given. That should at least be helpful to you. Don't be offended by the $300 limit, because I've also seen that they gave a lot of people limits on the low end just like yours, so don't take it personally.

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Re: Target card CLI

My card started at a very small limit too.....and now my card it at $3,400.  I have had I believe 4 CLI's.....the first one I got I believe was at about 8 months.

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Re: Target card CLI

You have to just keep using the card and go in and update your income every couple of months. I started out at 300 dollars and in two years it’s currently at 9000 and I got the MasterCard upgrade last year.  I got incremental upgrades along the way but my family loves target so we spend around 200-400 a month there. 

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Re: Target card CLI

I've had mine for 16 years and if my current pattern holds, I should be getting a CLI in the next few days.  I've used it for 1 or 2 purchases at Target every month, let the balance post on the statement, updated my income monthly (even when it hasn't changed), and paid the statement balance in full each month for at least the past 3 years.  The good news is that the CLIs are becoming more regular for a lot of people.  It took me 13.5 years to even get $100 above where I started!


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Jun 2017 - $1000 auto CLI, $3300

Dec 2017 - $1000 auto CLI, $4300

Jun 2018 - $2000 auto CLI, $6300

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Re: Target card CLI

I’ve had mine for 5 years. The first 2-1/2 years it was at $300 and didn’t move. Then out of the blue, I got a CLI to $700. Since then it’s been every 4-6 months. I went 300-700-1000-1300-1700-2100 (which was June of this year), and just last week when my statement cut, I went up to $2900. I use it a lot, sometimes carrying a balance for many months, sometimes PIF (not in a long time however), I’ll use a big chunk of my line and then pay down. I haven’t found any particular behavior that seems to tie in with my CLIs other than usage. I do update my financials every month about a week before the statement cuts, just in case it happens to be a month in which they want to bump me. Keep using it responsibly and it will grow.

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Re: Target card CLI

I received mine in February of 2018 with a $500 SL and am now at $1200. I am currently getting an increase about every 4 months so if that trend stays the same I should get another increase next month.


I run a good amount through my Target card. It will vary between $300 - 650 a month. I always pay it down with a small closing balance but then PIF. I update my income every month. I also have a recurring payments set-up.


SL: $500

June 2018: $800

October 2018: $1200



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