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Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

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Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

My journey started out 2 months ago when my daughter early 20's went to purchase a year old Mercedes from an authorized dealer and was denied! I was upset because everyone in my family including all kids have amazing work ethics and she makes a ton of money and zero debt. (We are all involved in the foreclosure markets here in Florida) She works 60 hours a week making huge money and the credit manager smiled and told her sorry kiddy your credit sucks! She could have paid cash for the car (really) but wanted to finance it to help build credit to buy one of these amazing deal foreclosures next year before this is all over. That is how I ended up here reading all the online forums for the last 2 months trying to learn all I could. Boy what a shock! So I subscribed to all 3 monthly reports for both of us and instantly discovered CRAP I have alot of work to do!  I want to share what worked for me because I never never knew anything about this and now know do not be in a hurry no matter what!!!!!!!! Half of the things to help you repair your credit on the internet are just plain crap! The moderators here stay the course and preach patience but it is like a drug when you have results! Today when my 11.00 dollar FICO EQ score went to 806 I freaked out and it was better than a big business deal hitting big! My knees were week and I felt like a kid hitting his first T BAll. I have spent a few hundred dollars on certified mail and 2 hours a day Trying every tactic to get here and some worked so I want to share what did work and what killed me and made it worse!

1) I pulled Check systems and choice point reports on both of us made sure they were clear

2) subscribed to all 3 most expensive reports going to do this for at least a year average cost is 15 each then I have to pay for the FICO score everytime I can't wait to see it! 11 bucks a pop

3) Worked on personal information got name variations down to only one one phone number one address

4) Only by CMRR disputed anything and everything this created problems! So here first is the bad

 a) when I started disputes all of a sudden within 2 weeks I was getting phone calls and letters from zillions of collection agencies reaging things from 20 years ago! I sent validation letters out right away and that silenced the rats

b) I had one collection account from an ATT account 7 years ago that was not mine (really) and I disputed on all levels with the agencies, direct to collector and to original creditor I shot gunned it What happened in 45 days was the following ATT contacted collection and said hey back off ( I did not know this) and I then sent a PFD letter for 60percent to collection and poof it was gone! Even though I could have waited for the free results it was worth the outcome so I could start finishing the derog's next was

c) EQ inquiries I had 3 since 2007 and being the dumbass I am I online disputed and this triggered a fraud alert! Crap I could not even get my reports I paid for! @ weeks sending in paper work to get it lifted

d) I had a collection account for a judgement from over 20 years ago a judgement that would not budge so I read some more online and found out about the licensing thing sent the information to the state department that checks bonds filed a complaint and poof today 45 days later it was gone!

e) Big mistake and waste of time so far was trying to get a few 2 year old inquiries off I tried everything with everybody so far no luck and yes I know does not hurt score to much but I wanted the total number to be as low as possible

What did work, not giving up even with all those replys saying sorry Jack no way!

Then the thing that really bugs me I had 3 state tax liens showing on one report and I sent in the cancellation report from the state and the bureau removed one, marked one as paid and left one alone! I resend and they are at the 30 day mark so I am hoping~ But I cannot believe I have to fight them this hard when I send in certified documents.

SO this is to say thankyou I am on my way and now I have set my eyes on an Alliant account and will need direction since reading here everyday I view it as a prize. I made a HUGE mistake disputing 2 lates on a paid off 500,000 mortgae lates were like 6 years ago and accurate so I disputed with the bureaus and guees what, they deleted the entire account so I lost a 20 year old high dollar account!!!!!!! Now I need a high dollar account with age to make up that void because I closed all my big cards 10 years ago when I thought I was a big shot since I was cash rich now I am credit poor! I forgot how you really need credit esp when you travel!!!!! I have lots of questions for the future and will need lots of help on my daughters account but just had to say KUDOS to all here it really meant alot to me. I am a reader not a poster but boy there is so much poor advice on the interent and someone needs to make a sight on how to get kids ready for credit and how to put them on AU accounts and help them get there first card and then make sure they can pay for it!

Thanks from mosquito land.


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TU 653   EX 577  EQ 616
TU 690   EX 591  EQ 616  4-28
TU 702   EX 603  EQ 625  5-01
TU 702   EX  631 EQ 625  5-08
TU 711   EX  631 EQ 625  5-09
TU 662   EX  673 EQ 625  5-11
TU 666   EX  763 EQ 622  5-13
TU 666   EX  763 EQ 675  5-14
TU 707   EX  763 EQ 633  5-15
TU 707   EX  763 EQ 705  5-21
TU 707   EX  763 EQ 806  5-29   (EQ SCORES ARE TRUE FICO PAID FOR)
When I started this journey 2 months ago I decided to subscribe to all 3 bureaus reporting each around 15 a month so I could daily check in on progress

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Re: Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!'re welcome?
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Re: Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Wall of text
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Re: Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Nmbr1ballr wrote:
Wall of text


Not at all - carriage returns, indents, paragraphs all were used.  The display on here doesn't always cooperate regarding returns, though - I've had the devil's own time getting extra returns to display on the Backdoor Numbers thread! 


And let's please remember to be friendly, respectful and supportive.


OP, thanks for sharing your story and experiences, good and bad, on your journey!  Congrats on the results of your hard work.  Smiley Happy

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Re: Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!


And nice EQ score of 806

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Re: Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

I have no idea why the score jumped so much twice, I did figure out why it went done and am just working to get and keep all 3 above 730 so I cannot figure out why the FICO is at 805

What does wall of text mean is that a derogatory statement about a posting trying to help others find what does work and what does not? I bet most on this forum are trying to improve the score numbers to put some additional coins in the pockets not for any status, I mean have you ever seen a T shirt saying my FICO is bigger than yours?

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Re: Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

I guess that "wall of text" was the only slightly friendlier version of "tldr". Anyway, I actually read it, and congrats from me, too.


If you want to make long posts easier to read, just use double carriage returns (press "Enter" twice). This way, you will have an empty line between paragraphs, which helps organizing the text.


Keep up your good work Smiley Happy!

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Re: Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Ken,  congrats on your success.  Smiley Happy
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Re: Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

"wall of text" means that it is difficult to read due to run on sentences, lack of punctuation and not enough carriage returns. This makes the post look like a  big "wall" that is difficult to follow. The person complaining didn't seem like they were being rude in their complaint but could have given you a bit more info particularly since you have a very low number of posts.


Some forum software has a preview button so that you can make sure your postings "look right". This one does not.


It could be worse. Some people type in all caps or weird colors. Those are considered very rude among people that use forums regularly.

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Re: Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

GregB wrote:
Some forum software has a preview button so that you can make sure your postings "look right". This one does not.

Not true. It's right left from the "Quote" button Smiley Happy.

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