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Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

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Re: Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

   Understood, I have been reading this forum for 2 months and then comparing the information with other information trying to get a handle on what and how FICO scoring works. I am in my 50's and financed at least 20 cars and millons in bank loans when I was in my 20's and thirties. Now with all my big stuff not reporting anymore my age average dropped alot. I did not know anything about scores I just walked in the banks and they gave me money. I am getting an education on this to help my daughter in her 20's and cannot understand wht some companies act like they want to punish you for a late payment form the past when the account is pif. Sallie Mae has been very hard to deal with showing lates on her loans when they were pif before they were even due (2 years after grad plus a year deferral) I wish they had credit classes in high school for kids so when they hit college or the real world they would understand the process better and make better choices. Anyway I am learning as I go~
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Re: Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

We're very glad to have you here!

And if you're a Firefox user, your default settings might not let paragraphs display properly. Look up above and click on "My Profile." When it opens up, click on "Preferences", and then scroll down until you see "Use WYSIWYG Message Editor." It should not be clicked on.

Don't start me; it makes no sense at all. But there is some sort of pretzel logic involved.

At least you wound up with paragraphs! Back in the day, we used to call this "The Giant Dreaded Firefox Paragraph Blob," because there were no breaks whatsoever in the posted text. I've done a bunch of editing on them, just to get them digestible.

And again, congrats on your good work on your reports!
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Re: Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

I started thinking on why the score shot up and all at the same time these things fell into place. First a collection account was removed due to my correct disputes on it. Second I negotiated a pfd for a collection that was not mine and removed by OC ( I paid as a precaution) to make sure it would not be added back on later. Then got the letter in advance but they removed it anyway because of the OC. Third I am not sure if this had any effect in score movement but I opted out on that site. I had heard it does help score and does not so since I am not applying for anything until I am sure my report is good I went ahead and did it.
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Re: Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Congratulations on your credit improvement!  I hope you have similar luck on your daughters files.


Yes, having collections,  no matter how old they may be, removed from your reports, can give you a huge increase in scores. Super congrates on having these removed!!


 I also agree with you that schools should do more to educate young people on the proper use of credit and how to read and correct credit reports.


Good luck to you.


BTW...I had no problem reading your post and this can be a difficult forum to post on...thanks for taking the time to share your experiences!!!

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