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Thank you to this forum

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Re: Thank you to this forum

pdog661 wrote:

Thanks Ava,


Thanks to your help I was also able to get my DW lates removed from Ochard.





+1 Awesome!!! Glad I could help...I guess we both will be gardening for a a sec.


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Under my mattress: Orchard Bank 320CL and Saks Fifth Avenue 100CL. Finally in the Garden. App Free Since 9/18/12 - No apps until March 2013
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Re: Thank you to this forum



Hear, hear!! This forum rocks!!!! Great job, pdog661! Congrats on all you've accomplished!



Edited for spelling.

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Re: Thank you to this forum


I think we all owe a lot to this forum, i used to be just a lurker and I learned so much from the great people here, and now im on my way, hopefully to one day get a score as nice as yours!

Moral of the story,

Myfico is good people haha.
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Re: Thank you to this forum

Amazing results! Nice work.

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Re: Thank you to this forum

pdog661 wrote:



I wanted to publicly thank this forum for all the advice and time people have spend sharing information.


Many here have helped me achieve great things with my credit in a very short time (6 months).


Due to advice on this board I was able to remove all negative items (2 30 days, and 1 60 day late) through GW process.


In addition to I have upgraded my Limits and card status.


Here is where I started 6 months ago.


Credit score 663:

BOA visa -8000 CL

Citi Professional 3600 CL

Amex Blue - 4000 CL

Amex Hilton -600 CL

FHA Mortgage -5.75%



Here is where I am today:


BOA Visa - 15000 CL

Discover More - 14000 CL

Amex Blue Cash preferred - 9700 CL ( product change and CLI)

Citi Diamond Preferred - 6000 CL (product change and CLI)

Citi Home Depot Care - 6200 CL

Amex Hilton - 4000 CL

Amex Platinum - NPSL

Conventional Mortgage - 3.625%


Credit Score - 778 (today)


Thanks to this board I have saved significantly on my monthly payments, up my credit score by over 100 points, and added thousands to my limits. 


For all those rebuildling and working to achieve their goals; Keep at it.  6 months of hard work will pay off.


The advice on here this forum is priceless.  Beyond the advice the forum gave me the confidence, and the mode of attack to achieve my goals.


Now I enter the garden for 2 years to rid myself of the HPs.  The simulator shares once I loss the hard pulls I should hit the magical 8's.


Good luck to all, and I thank you for your guidance to get me to this point.


Thank you all. 







EQ FICO 548 3/3/16
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Re: Thank you to this forum

Great job on all your hardwork!  It has truly paid off.

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Re: Thank you to this forum

Excellent work, OP! Congrats!


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