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Thanks GE Capital! (Formerly GEMB)


Thanks GE Capital! (Formerly GEMB)

I keep track of my three GE Capital accounts CLI's so I can request like clockwork every 4 months.  Well yesterday it was time to put in a request on my PayPal.  My limit was previously $1,325.  I put in the request and they offered me a new limit of $3,350!  My other two GE Capital cards are an Amazon at $1,600 and a WM at $1,000.  My previous best increase was $600 on my Amazon back in July so an increase of $2,025  was a HUGE surprise.  This thing my come in handy for the holidays as I just received an email for 6 months no interest on all PayPal purchases over $199 through December 31st.

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Re: Thanks GE Capital! (Formerly GEMB)

That's awesome.  Congrats on the CLI's.  GEMB will treat you well if you keep up the good work.  Smiley Happy

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Re: Thanks GE Capital! (Formerly GEMB)

It's "crazy days" for GEMB.  I wrote a whole thread about this ("Sam's Club Success Story") less than a month ago.  In the thread, I said that my husband and I both went through all our GEMB cards and got big or small increases on some, and turn-downs on others.


Well, today we each tried our Amazon cards (which had been turned down for increases in late September - see, it's only been a few weeks but we tried again) and mine went from the $900 it's always been to $1,250.


His Amazon went from $1,900 to $2,500.


He tried his Paypal Mastercard, which got no increase in late September, and it  went from the $1,900 it's stubbornly always been to $4,400.


I tried my Old Navy VISA, which has always been $1,000, and got nothing, like usual.  Oh well, still a good day in the GEMB spin-the-wheel casino game!

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