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Thanks to everyone!

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Re: Thanks to everyone!

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Re: Thanks to everyone!

Wow that profile of cards are amazing! Congrats!

Last Pulled EQ: 809
Last Credit Card App: 02/05/2016
Last CLI: 02/06/2016
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Re: Thanks to everyone!

You certainly don't seem to be missing AMEX or Discover!!!

Starting Score: TU 686 EX 641 EQ 690
Current Score: TU 779 EX 767 EQ 740
Goal Score: 800 Club

BCE $12.5K, 5/3 Sig $10K, Wally Discover 10K, Cash+ $9K Sam's Discover 10K, Freedom $6K, Zales $5.5K, More $5K, Cap one $5K, Barclay 2.5K, Household Plat $1.5K, Household Gold $1.5K, Credit One $1K, First Premier Plat $.675K First Premier Gold $.65K
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Re: Thanks to everyone!

Impressive.  If you are interested in USAA or NFCU again I think you can get them.  I burned USAA for a CC and personal loan in my bankruptcy and I currently have 2 CC with them and savings account (when no one else would even open a savings account for me) and I'm working on paying off what I owe NFCU for 2 CC & 1 LOC.  I've been told as long as I make that good that they are forgiving.

Starting Scores 10/12: EQ 460 (FICO)/TU 502 (FAKO)/EX 474 (FAKO)
(7/14): EQ 572 (FICO)/TU 624 (FICO)/ EX 612 (FICO)

Current (2016): EQ 605 (FICO)/TU 657 (FICO)/EX 646 (FICO)

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Re: Thanks to everyone!

I will definitely let you know if I figure out how to get them to report. And I will pay usaa back, and American Express.......those are the only two worth paying back IMO lol
Amex Platinum Amex PRG Amex Hilton Surpass ($7k) Citi AAdvantage WEMC ($20k) Citi Hilton Honors VS ($6.8k) Dillard's Amex ($7.5k) Discover it ($6.5k) FNBO Chrysler MC ($30k) Military Star Card ($4.8k) Nordstrom VS ($25k) PenFed Power Cash Rewards VS ($20.5k) Ritz-Carlton VI ($54.5k) Starwood Preferred Guest Amex ($10k) Susan G. Komen WMC ($38k) Kinetic CU Visa ($10k) US Bank Cash + VS ($16k) Sears MC ($6k) USAA Limitless VS ($15k) Walmart MC ($7.5k) AAdvantage Aviator Silver WEMC ($11.3k)
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Re: Thanks to everyone!

NICE!! Congrats!!!

Total Overall Credit Limit- $325k
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