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The 3x CL "Rule"


The 3x CL "Rule"

I've seen a few members mention calling in for a CLI at the 61 day mark and the 6month mark. Whats not clear to me is if this is only an AMEX thing? Is this available on Chase, NFCU or any other card vendors?

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Re: The 3x CL "Rule"

It's an Amex thing.  Each lender has their own CLI policies; I don't know any other lender with a similar CLI policy to Amex.

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Re: The 3x CL "Rule"


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Re: The 3x CL "Rule"

Yeah it is an Amex thing.  The 3X is generous but by no means guaranteed.  Really just depends.  Amex can be stingy on initial CL with first AMEX revolver.  For example, I was given 8k on first Amex revolver even though most of my CLs were 15-25k.  Then 2nd AMEX revolver which was applied for 2 months later was granted 15k starting CL.  The 3X rule works well when they are stingy on that initial CL.  If Amex is generous with starting CL, doubt you will see 3X CLI granted in 61 days.  However, it is not so much the 3X rule that makes it special but that it works in conjunction with their other CLI policies.  1) They will counter offer if they don't like the 3X 2) It is a soft pull on credit so no harm in trying


However others can be just as generous.  Was helping friend with credit.  After getting his score up, his CLI request to Chase brought his card from 400 to 5000 for over a 10X CLI increase.

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Re: The 3x CL "Rule"

I recently found out about this 3x CL rule as well. I applied for it on my 4th closing date on my Amex Blue card and was instantly approved from $2,000 to $6,000. So I would say that it works as long as your records are clean. For the record I paid each of my balances in full, so maybe that helps?

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