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The Big Boy (and Girl) Club - September 2012 Edition

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Re: The Big Boy (and Girl) Club - September 2012 Edition

Groucho Marx used to have a line "I'd never want to join a club that would have me as a member" (paraphrased..).  That was my thinking about myself for so long.  I have been rebuiilding my credit, like I mentioned in another thread, for 8 years.  I went for a long time not applying for anything because I just figured it would be a low limit, or high fees (or flat out denial).  After a while I thought I'd give it a try with a few lenders.. first up was Target..and was approved.  thought their biggest requirement was that I was breathing Smiley Happy  That one had a 200limit, but after 2 months went to 1k.  (and thats where it sits).   Then I got smallish limits on an HSBC platinum (3500) and a WAMU visa (3k).  Getting better... until chase took over wamu and gave me a slate card.. and cut my 3k limit to 1800 (with the explanation that it didn't look like i NEEDED a bigger limit). That was my thank you for paying it off.  Then I was approved for a Barclay Frontier MasterCard..since i fly a lot and fly Frontier as much as I can.  They gave me 4500 (closer to prime but . . .)


Fast forward 2 years.  I started reading here.  I apped for an AMEX, naively because i went straight for a BCE instead of a charge card.  Approved for 2k.  I hit the luv button on my Barclay card as asked for a 100% increase (see?  still naive) but they approved it.. so now I have 9k with Barclays.   Still wondering when they are gonna figure out its me and take all my cards away, i applied at my CU for their Rewards Visa, and they appproved me for...10k!  Couple that with getting an awesome interest rate on my car loan, I feel like I've crossed the line into Primeville...where i hope to take up permanent residence!  (of course, when I tried to PC my slate into a Freedom, Chase said no and to reapply...nope...wont leave the garden for that.)


Moral of my novella?  Patience and baby steps.  Rebuilders have a purpose, just like baby shoes.  We outgrow them, we replace them.

Back in the garden!
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Re: The Big Boy (and Girl) Club - September 2012 Edition

DVH1980 wrote:

Its just a theory that another member said he had success with. I called Teletrack and asked if it was possible to lock my report like the other CB's will do, the lady said it was and the cost was 10 bucks. She said it normally takes a few days. I figured with that locked up Amex wont be able to use that info. I figure I will get denied outright or approved since thats what was holding me back. Another member was denied because of Teletrack, he locked his report, app'd Amex and was approved. Figurd for 10 bucks its worth a shot. My baddie on there wont be off for 2 more years so I figured what the hell. I'll send you a PM if I have any luck, plan on applying for Amex at the end of next week.

Thanks, will have my fingers crossed for you.  I only have til Nov for it to fall off, so not sure if it'll be worth the 10 or not for me since it would only be a I just don't want to wait thing lol. 

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