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The Shopping Trick? No idea how to START


Re: The Shopping Trick? No idea how to START

So I tried this and it didnt work at first. I did the checkout thing like 5x and finally got the pop-up. I however put in my physical address instead of my mailing address, so i got the processing message 7-10 days. Got the letter in the mail denied due to address. Called the number for recon. Was advised to take DL into store for verification.  So Blows but a +TL for a soft works for me any day.  

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Re: The Shopping Trick? No idea how to START

I find this intriguing. Hubs is to the point where (other than LVNV funding, grr) there is nothing he can pay off. He has a bike loan from May '11, 3 SL paying on since '10, and 0 revolving credit. We made the mistake of paying everything we could in 07-08 and then running away from credit. So now all of the baddies still show, but nothing good other than the bike and the SL. I wonder if since he needs credit, I should get him to try this.

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Re: The Shopping Trick? No idea how to START

I have 5 cards that were obtained with the shopping cart trick. It's very easy to get, and most will get $250 limits. Currently, I have used 3 of the five cards, and realized that I got sucked into getting ez credit. My intentions were honest at the better my credit and to establish a relationship with Comenity Bank.


My AAoA dropped to 3 months instead of six. Too many new accounts hampers my credit report. If I would have waited, and not applied for ez credit, maybe my approvals rate would have been higher with other creditors. Maybe I would have that CLI. Maybe I would have inch my way into primeland. 


All the hard work at the beginning was all for naught since I have to start over again. So, be careful of accepting all the ez pre-approvals with the cart trick, because it will bite you in the a*s! As for me, time is my best friend now, and I should have not let go of its hand....

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Re: The Shopping Trick? No idea how to START

I have been doing the shopping cart trick and I now have Target, JCrew, Ann Taylor, One Stop Shop, but I never got the pop up from the one store I really wanted....... Vickie Secret!!!!!! Well I decided to just apply on my own, I got the 7-10 day message, I received the letter in the mail and it stated they needed to verify some information. I called and a nice guy asked me a few verification questions and he said " are you ready to become an Angel" I said "you know I am" he said "congratulations you have been approved for $250.00" I was very happy. I love vickie secret, I missed out on the free towel they had last week, but it appears they are always having one sale or another so I know I will enjoy this card. yahoo yaaaaaa me!!!

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