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The approval process...

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The approval process...

Does anyone actually know what happens during the more-than-60-second-approval process?  I get that if you apply for a card and are instantly approved or declined that you were scored electronically and processed without human intervention, but when it goes for further review and then takes some time, what's actually happening?  Waiting in a backlogged queue with other apps that will actually be manually reviewed? 


I know they'll look at CRs, maybe check public records, but beyond that, is there something that a human being do that a machine can't?


I'm really fascinated by the approval process, I'd love to sit in on a credit underwriting department work day, but until that happens, any insight is really appreciated.

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Re: The approval process...

Ive wondered the same thing. I applied for one the other day and try told me they'd get back to me in 10-14 days. I heard from them within the hour. So what's going on that can take as little as an hour or as much as 14 days?
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