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The credit card fairy loved me thru my BK!

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The credit card fairy loved me thru my BK!

Hi everyone..It's been a while since I've posted and I wanted to share my progress... 


I had been faithfully using my FNBO secured card since July 2011, making sure to keep balances low and PIF every month.  After I completed my bk payments, I sent in a $200 dep to increase my limit and they HP'd me for it.  I was livid but they doubled the amount of my dep and added $400 to my limit so it eased the blow a bit.  About a month later, FNBO sent a pre-approval for their unsecured card.  I called in to ask a CSR if they would HP me again, if I returned the unsecured app.  The CSR said yes which made me hesitant to app right away so I decided to sock drawer my app for a bit until I received my bk discharge.   After finally receiving discharge, the reality of being out of "financial prison" for the first time in years scared the crap out of me.  I didn't know which way to go with my new found freedom for fear of making the wrong move. I just kept reading and researching these forums.  I finally decided to app with NFCU for membership and cash rewards CC.  I was approved the same day with a $500 limit.  I was surprised since I've read that they like to see two accounts post BK and I only had the one secured acct.  This gave me just the confidence boost I needed to return my FNBO application.   It seemed like the manual review took forever but I was approved with a $2300 limit!  I couldn't believe it so I just wanted to share this.  Luckily, I did not have to start with the usual Cap1's, Credit1's or FP's.  I'm so happy.  I know the NFCU will grow so I can't complain about that at all.  I am gardening these a bit to try and get a good increase in my scores for a mortgage loan but I just wanted to tell others in my shoes--there is life after BK. Smiley Wink


NFCU Cash Rewards $16,100/FNBO Platinum $9.100/Best Buy Citibank $2,500/Care Credit $7,600/TJ Maxx $1000/Neiman Marcus $7000/Saks5thAve $2500

Starting Score: 426 Ch. 13 BK Filed Sep 2009; Discharged Jan 2013 Smiley Happy
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Re: The credit card fairy loved me thru my BK!

Congrats on your progress and approval. The myFICO member fairies are here for you too Smiley Wink

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Re: The credit card fairy loved me thru my BK!

Well done keep up the good work

Before you app think...
Have you done your research of the CC?
Does it fit your spending?
Do you have a plan for the bonus w/o going into debt?
Can you afford the AF?
Do you know the cards benefits? Is it worth the HP?
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Re: The credit card fairy loved me thru my BK!

Congrats!! The NFCU acct will treat u wonderfully!

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Re: The credit card fairy loved me thru my BK!

Nice going, Keep up the hard work. Smiley Happy

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