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Thinking about the JCB Marukai Premium. Any Advice?

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Thinking about the JCB Marukai Premium. Any Advice?

Well since I live in California I am eligible for the Marukai Premium card.  I think this card would round out my credit card portfolio quite nicely.  I pretty much have all the 5% categories covered.  Now I need something for everyday non bonus spending for like day care,  liqueur stores, car repairs and stuff like that.  What do you think?  This card seems to be quite attractive, 3% unlimited cashback on everything.  The only negatives I have heard about this card is they have no online account access and they round down all your cashback purchases.


So how easy is this card to get? Are they inq and new account sensitive?  Do they allow CLI or APR drops?  Thoughts?

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Re: Thinking about the JCB Marukai Premium. Any Advice?

This card is easy to get for you. You do need to prepare to send in a copy of your W-2 (or 4506-T if you are self-employed) for approval. I have heard JCB will HP twice (one for applying and another one when you send in W-2/4506-T).


JCB does start you with low CL. So far there is no report on CLI or APR reduction experience. Keep in mind that JCB-Discover alliance only covers card present transaction. That means for online and telephone shopping merchants need to explicitly state they accept JCB.

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