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Thinning the herd feels good

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Re: Thinning the herd feels good

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I have always subscribed to the “less is more” camp when it comes to credit cards. When first coming to this forum it’s easy to get caught up in the app hoopla. Seeing all those cards in signatures. Managing them is another story. A few cards with high limits is the best long term strategy to me. 

I echo that mentality. Less is more in life and that lesson comes with age and experience. Also, it has more ti do with what fits and works for you- especially at the current moment of your journey. 19 cards seems a bit reckless IMO.

So I guess at 32+ Cards, I am out of ControlSmiley LOL

and there are people on the forum that have a Lot more than that!


it's what ever works best for The Individual, some like it simple, others like to collect.

some have 1 or 2 comic books or Rare coins worth hundreds of thousands,

some have a few hundred worth $5-10K.


Personally I don't Close Cards. if I had sub prime and were getting better,  or Annual Fee cards not being Utilized, well then "YES"!

or if I were in My Later Years, and did not care of Having a Thick Profile and a Long Average Age of ALL, 20 years down the road.


it's The Old Saying: If The Shoe Fits, wear it!



Working on a playing deck, huh agent99 Smiley Tongue 

Yeah, it's all according to your lifestyle. I feel having certain cards during a short time can benefit long-term cards in the meantime. 

Just keep in Mind, I will never be playing with a full deck!, I will always have one foot in The Funny FarmSmiley LOL


I don't use a lot of Them, But I keep Them Open, as To Always Be Aging, keep a little spend every 6 Months.

sometimes you can Get Auto CLI's, Added Perks, Product Changes. Good to have for Utilization Padding.

and Good Insurance if you get a CLD on a high Limit Card or two. Because some bank decides to Slash for no apparent rhyme or reason.


or Just Call Me A "Hoarder"Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Thinning the herd feels good

I can definitely appreciate this ideology. By the time I got serious about improving my credit profile I already had a few late payments on my report from a few years prior. I figured in order to increase my payment % I could 'dilute' the negatives with positive payment history using more accounts. So far it's been effective in that sense, but I'm at the point now where I've gotten my foot in the door with pretty much all of the issuers I want. Now, personally, I'm ready to close some of these AF, low CL, subprime cards in order to... I guess 'sophisticate' my profile while I garden and let relationships blossom.


I don't exactly have all of my preferred cards yet, but with my foot in the door I'm well on my way to getting there... with patience lol.

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