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Thoughts? Suggestions?

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Thoughts? Suggestions?

I am in the processes of cutting out a few of my cards. I would like to eventually cut the number down to FIVE cards MAX).


I have been going through a battle of getting my capital one quicksilver one card converted to the reg quicksilver no annual fee with no luck. Today I decided to just ax the card and called and cancelled my account. I'm actually glad they didn't upgrade my account because I really didn't need the card anyway.


These are the cards that I have now. bold are ones that I am absolutely keeping.


Amazon Chase: CL $1,000

Amazon Prime: CL $6,000

Discover IT: CL $2,000

Marvel MC: CL $6,000

AMEX Blue Cash: CL $15,000

Citi DC: CL $6,000

Ulta Rewards: CL $1,000

Target: CL $500


My plan is to get rid of the Chase and Ulta cards but for some reason i am having such a difficult time parting with the Amazon Chase. It is my only visa card and the on'y chase account I have. I bank with Chase so i feel like I should have one of their credit cards as well. The DC card I was thinking about PC. How long does the account have to be to PC? I've had this account since July. Thinkinh about a PC to a Thank you. How is this card? Or maybe the diamond?




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