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Thoughts about Chase Auto CLI

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Re: Thoughts about Chase Auto CLI

unc0mm0n1 wrote:

Walt_K wrote:

Some of the posts here are getting silly.  People are asking pretty reasonable questions about CLI policies and how to grow their credit lines efficiently.  I really don't see anyone demanding auto CLIs.  There are some helpful reminders, like pointing out that taking a hard pull isn't as big of a deal as it is sometimes made out to be.  And, that sometimes, it is just going to take more time.  But I don't see why we need the flippant suggestions to use cash over credit, admonitions that credit is a privilege, etc.  

I've noticed that more and more here, thus I don't post that much anymore. Someone asks a reasonable question and the responses are "well you shouldn't want rewards" or "the banks don't owe you anything." No one is expecting a CLI or saying the banks owe anyone anything but if there is a strategy to make a CLI more likely why not use it? How is that "gaming" the system. By that definition bringing your credit card balances down and not applying for new credit 6 months before apping for a mortage is gaming the system. No, it's called being a smart credit consumer.

I totally agree with you both.  I began to be hesitant in posting because I didn't want the snarky comments.  It can be very frustrating when all you or someone other person is trying to do is ask a question or find out information.  After a while, I stopped posting/commenting all together for months.   Lately, it seems to have been a lot better which is a relief so I've started to ease back in to participate by posting/ and commenting again. I think it may have something to do with the newer Mods.  They seem to intercede a lot faster than in the past which is nice.  Cause for a while there, it was like post at your own risk around here....

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Re: Thoughts about Chase Auto CLI

CreditScholar wrote:

TM82 wrote:
To be honest, Chase would rather have you get another card then give you a CLI in an existing card. I've seen so many times people request a CLI, get declined for a small request ($1,500-3,000) but a few minutes later get approved for a $5k CSP. So unless you need a CLI on that specific card, you're better off using that HP on a different card. In my 3+ years of using Chase, I've gotten 1 auto CLI on my Freedom (from 2k to 2.3k) but have added 5 additional Chase cards ranging up to $20-25k for the last 2). I've had a CSP that I push about 3k/month in and have had no CLI in 2 years. A United that I put about 3.5k/month on with no CLI.

+1. There seems to be a lot of anecdotal evidence that supports this. I've received 2 auto-CLIs within 12 months on my United card, but those amounts were tiny in comparison to the CL I got when I applied for the JPM Ritz. Chase does seem to differentiate between CLIs on existing cards and CLs on new ones.


I'd suggest using the Freedom heavily and properly for 9 months, then apply for a 2nd card. Normally I'd say 6 months, but since it's his first then 9 months may be safer.

This is great information!  It's happened with me, but I didn't realize that may be why or what I need to do to get a higher limit with them.


I was approved for a Chase Freedom in Jan, 2011.  I received one auto CLI six months later which brought me to $1500.  Six months after that, I attemped a CLI - Denied.  A few weeks later I app'd for the Chase Amazon - Approved for $3,000.   But I've never been able to get another CLI on my Freedom. 

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