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Thoughts on Dave Ramsey??

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Re: Thoughts on Dave Ramsey??

thebanjoman wrote:

Best Dave Ramsey advice I know...



Let me give you an example. I have debit cards all through this company—like 60 of them—that my employees use. They are authorized users on those debit cards. It does not help their credit at all.

If you can find usefulness in his advice, more power to you, but take him with a grain of salt... possibly on the rim of a margarita glass. Y'know, to take the edge off.

Wow, he is clueless and a jerk. Listen to that excerpt, he is rude to the person asking it and just plain wrong. 


He is correct in that AU's aren't supposed to be reported, but if they are will be why not let the brother be an AU. 


The debit card example is just terrible.

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