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Time To Nurture A Few Of My Cards...

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Time To Nurture A Few Of My Cards...

I've been reviewing the list of credit cards that I currently have. It doesn't look like I can expect any increases from Captial 1, Orchard is now part of their family so it looks like that will be grouped in with them. My highest CL is Target ($3k) but they don't do many credit line increases.  I'm happy with that line and I like the store so the card will be used. I'm looking at that card as mature. It probably won't grow much. 


That leaves Barclay's Merrick and Walmart. I think I can get Barclay's to grow every 4-5 months and the same with Walmart. That one is my runt but I think it can be a healthy boy someday. Merrick said that they don't accept customer initiated CLIs but they will review the account after 5-6 months so that might grow too. These 3 cards will go into a different section of the garden. 


It's all about time and caring for them now...

EX 638 (Lender 9/1) TA 650(Walmart 9/1) EQ 655 (FICO - 9/17)
Goal - 700 Club in '13!!!

My Wallet - Cap 1 - $300. Cap 1 - $750. Orchard - $950.
New as of 8/29 - Target - $3000. Barclay's - $2000. Merrick - $1000. Walmart $600. And as of 9/22 - JCP $200.
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Re: Time To Nurture A Few Of My Cards...

Yep, I'm with you in the garden... 


I also picked up some excellent cards over the last month or so, and now I need to do some serious gardening to get my AAoA back up and let some inquiries age off.


Unfortunately, I got a little crazy (it's an addiction) and picked up a couple that I don't want/need - caught up in the app spree success, I guess.  After one year, I plan to close several of my cards that I really am not using, as it's too much of a hassle to keep track of when I've last used them.  I think I have something like 15 right now (Smiley Embarassed), and will most likely cut this down to less than 10 just for manageability.


Barclays and Walmart should definitely grow, and I had a Merrick card back in the day that did OK.  I started out with a $1000 CL, and after 4-5 years they had auto-CLI'd me to $3600.


Good luck to you in the garden. Smiley Happy 

Starting Score: Jan 2012: EQ - 659, TU08 - 670, EX - ???
Current Score:April 2014: EQ - 772, TU08 - 782, EX - 754
Last App:3/21/14

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