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Time to wait after ding to ask for CLI?

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Time to wait after ding to ask for CLI?

Back in 2006, I foolishly co-signed a 6-year auto loan for someone and they missed the very last payment on the account by 30 days.  The credit union absolutely refused to give me a GW adjustment no matter what I tried, so I have to live with it.  The ding is from March 2012 and I've been letting it age so I can move forward with my life, but now I'd like to request a CLI on my Bank of America 123 Cash Rewards Visa.  My limit hasn't changed in two years and while the limit was decent at the time I got it during rebuilding, it no longer fits my financial needs.


Does anybody know if they would grant the CLI even if the ding is less than a year old?

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Re: Time to wait after ding to ask for CLI?

I would wait till the one year mark and then still you may have a chance at getting denied. I know BofA is HP 99% of the time. You may have to recon and just explain the situation and eventually grant you the increase or counteroffer.

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