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Timing for CSP—>CSR upgrade

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Timing for CSP—>CSR upgrade

Hi guys, I opened my CSP last year (2018) on 2/20 with an $11.4k limit. My FICO EX/TU scores are around the mid 760’s.

I am going on several trips this year and would like to see when I’d be eligible for the upgrade to CSR. Do I need to wait 12 or 13 months before upgrading?

I have a trip that I’m leaving on 2/20/19 for, and was wondering if I would be able to have the next card by that day? If not, my next trip after that is a month-long trip to Europe in mid-June and I would prefer not to pay the AF on the CSR for Mar-May and just upgrade in June.

Would it make sense to downgrade to Sapphire original when my CSP AF is due, then upgrade to CSR in May-June when I need it for my trip? Or just pay the CSP AF and have it for a few months before my trip then upgrade?

My daily driver is my AMEX Gold.

Thanks guys!

AMEX Gold Card (10/18) - NPSL
AMEX Cash Magnet (01/17) - $27k
Capital One QS (06/16) - $1.35k
Chase Sapphire Reserve (02/18) - $11.4k
Discover It (03/17) - $3.2k

GOALS: Upgrade CSP to CSR in February
FICO: EX - 762, TU - 769
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Re: Timing for CSP—>CSR upgrade

you can ask for pc on 21/02/2019. No you will not have the card on 20th.

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