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Tips for BofA CLI?

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Re: Tips for BofA CLI?

This isn't even your number one card and you don't need it by the other 3 banks that have given you the cl you deserve and have earned.... If Bank of America doesn't see that then you don't need them therefore you should not delay what you deserve... INQ are still going to be there in 2 months and you don't have that many and BofA doesn't really care that much atleast based on my partners approval after being declined USBank for new accounts.

I wouldnt bother transferring all the money either.... this is probably going to be instant in the end when you do it and then all this time and thought is going to be really stressful for nothing Smiley Tongue

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Re: Tips for BofA CLI?

flyingpenguin wrote:

Thanks guys. Since my inquiries on EX are very recent (Feb and Apr), I think I'll wait like 2 months, then request a CLI of $10k. Although maybe I'll get impatient and do it earlier than that. 


One more question. I have checking and savings accounts with BofA. Would it make any difference if I transferred a bunch of money to them before asking for the CLI? lol. I imagine it would only possibly make a difference on a manual review.

If your util is low now, go for it now. No need to wait.


Transferring money to your checking/savings at the last minute will not help much. BofA, Citi, Wells Fargo and Chase looks at your average daily balance as a metric, not current balance.


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