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Today's approvals!

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Re: Today's approvals!

jthedges wrote:

Well, for some reason, in Texas, EVERYONE LOVES EXPERIAN.  I got the new accounts.  Froze Experian, and applied away.  Anyone who wouldn't pull another bureau I said no thanks.  Almost everyone was willing.


Also, one of my new accounts was a mortgage, one was a new car, one was a refi of the new car.  2 from NFCU and 2 from RBFCU when I opened my checking account there.  So most of them were concentrated and I used them to replace my rebuilder cards.  I explained this to most underwriters in the application process, they all understood.  I have a way with words Smiley Wink



I wanted to evenly split them up.

I have a way with words too,  but they call mine BS.  Smiley Very Happy

TU 839 11/11/17
EX 833 11/11/17
EQ 837 11/12/17
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