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Today's been a good day!

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Today's been a good day!

Well, today I've been fiddling around with my credit accounts.


I was able to get my APR decreased on my BOA Platinum Visa (11.99 fixed to 10.99 fixed). They offer the Visa Signature card, but I passed since I want my credit limits to report.


I asked AMEX for the CLI and was approved. My CL went from 5k to 10k. That's double! Woohoo! Smiley Very Happy


Now if I could just get those jerks over at Chase to pay me the same courtesy! My Chase Freedom card has the lowest CLI and the highest apr of my cards! I mean my APR is 17.24% for crying out loud! There is nothing in my credit history that would suggest that I deserve an APR that high! Every time I call them it's the same BS. My Chase card is now on ice INDEFINITELY!Smiley Mad

FICOs: (as of 12-10-08): EX 759 | (as of 01-24-10): EQ 794 TU 756 EX ? | (as of 3-17-11): EQ 794 TU 790 EX ?

Until Chase lowers my ridiculously high APR they can kiss my patootie! Their card has been retired to the sockdrawer. Smiley Mad
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Re: Today's been a good day!

WOW that is incredible. Congratulations I know that must feel great Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Today's been a good day!

Congratulations on the doubling of your Amex CL!

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Re: Today's been a good day!

Dizzier, Did they hard-pull you?


And yes Chase are jerks.  They harded me for a 200.00 increase.  D JERKS!!



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