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Tomo Card CLI Denial

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Re: Tomo Card CLI Denial

Good valid point @Lou-natic  Its a charge card with a week grace period. What's the point in CLI if you can't handle the lower spending power. 🤔🧐

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Re: Tomo Card CLI Denial

@FireMedic1 wrote:

This in a way this falls under EX's Boost type reporting. Isnt worth it. Drop it. Use your cards. Get CB and pay your bills on a monthly basis. So many headaches and weekly stress whats going to be taken out of my account. It will help with billing responsibility.

I agree with @FireMedic1 


I'd consider dropping this account and if you need something to build credit consider looking at cap1 cards or a secured card. Discover has one that typically graduates around 7 months. 

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Re: Tomo Card CLI Denial

They only report to transunion for me. 3k limit shows as 0 on my credit report. They sent me an email in December saying they were going to close it if I didn't use it. So used it for a coffee. Pretty useless card. Might as well get a credit card unless you like the weekly payments. 


  I think they say it can go to monthly payments after a while? Not sure dont use it. 

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Re: Tomo Card CLI Denial

I liked it back when my credit was worse. It was something i could get that didnt do a pull and was unsecured. What happened to the OP happened to me and mine went from 250 to 500 and i am due for another increase soon but it is something i stick a monthly bill on and it stays in my sock drawer. I am collecting the points off it and paying it back with that. Pretty useless card but im getting payment history off it.
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